Every brand you need a logo to stand with it and say...I know what that means. Well...here is #Cockident logo, brand, and apparel. 

Concept of the logo:  You have the baby chick and it's shadow is the Rooster(Cock). You ask what does that have to do with Cockident??? People can look at you and see you as one thing(baby chick), but not see what's inside that motivates, inspires, and pushes us. We still may be trying to figure out who we are or we do know and ar looking for a way to show it(The Cock/Rooster). Either way it's up to us to bring out that #Cockident. That Cocky and Confidence within ourselves. People will generally look at you and stereotype you instantly, but what they don't know is who you are inside,  that drives your day to day motives. #Perception

Never let someone tell you what you are or what you can or can't do. Do NOT let anyone underestimate you as a person. #BeCockident